Knife Pleating Machines

We offer simple and complex modular knife pleating machines, that can be expanded at any time, or even modified to meet specific orders.


Working width [mm]: 600, 1000, 1300, 1600, 2400;
pleat height up to 50mm;
for various material requirements, servo-controlled

praxisorientierung messerfaltanlagen standard

Practical Orientation

  • Pleating speeds up to 250 P/min
  • Low set-up time due to innovatively used handling technology
  • Highest product quality, can be influenced online
  • User-friendly menu mode
  • High processing capability
  • Flexible parameter setting
  • Real reproducibility
  • Absolute Encoder System (referring drive to home position after machine shut down is not necessary)

Standard Equipment

  • Sturdy, low-vibration basic frame, ALCOA Plus
  • Parallelogram technology for the whole transfer chain
  • Feeding table adjustable horizontally and vertically, adjustable feeding peak
  • Positioning upper table via drive (0.1mm)
  • Light metal knife bar with rapid change system
  • Quick knife adjustment for upper and lower knife, 0.1 mm / Index
  • Patented, water-cooled FALTEC – infrared machine heating table, up to 3 heating zones, temperature maximum 200°C, PID-controlled, glass or ALU surface
  • Vertical back pressure, pneumatically precision-controlled, easily adjustable
    (see module systems)
  • Discharge table length approx. 700 mm
  • Teleservice via LAN or telephone connection for fast support
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Standard Equipment

  • Softtouch, Presstouch and freely programmable Master-Curve
  • Controls of lifting and tilting movement via Siemens SIMOTION
    • S-Version: up to 150 P/min, 4 Servo Drives
      (for standard application up to 10 layers)
    • V-Version: up to 200 P/min, 4 Servo Drives
      (for mass filter production up to max. 3 layers, 1 layer up to 250 P/min)
    • X-Version: up to 50 P/min, 5 Servo Drives
      (for heavy wire mesh up to 12 kN horizontal back pressure)
    • P-Version: up to 120 P/min, 6 Servo Drives
      (for up to 6 layers including wire and plastic support mesh)
messerfaltanlagen antriebe faltec

Standard Equipment

  • Drives: TPM-,TPMA high torque servo actuators, brand Alpha Wittenstein
  • Absolute Encoder System (referring drive to home position after machine shut down is not necessary)
  • Pleat Periscope, optimizing pleating parameters during operation
faltec messerfaltanlagen berlin

Standard Equipment

  • Machine / drive control: Siemens SIMOTION control unit
  • Programming under TIA Portal
  • Visualization Siemens TP2200 COMFORT, 22 INCH Touch switchable user interface, password protection
  • Data backup on CF card in CSV format
  • Control panel, swiveling
  • Error text, print function, program memory

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