Process Engineering
and Effectiveness

Technical consulting and examination of complicated pleating processes

Fast set-up and optimizing
through process-safe software

On the fully graphic operating panel, the operator normally enters only the following parameters: pleat height, material thickness, tilt angle of the knives, Softtouch, Presstouch, number of pleats per filter, number of filter packets and temperature. The system will realize the values instantaneously (on line in real time).

The pleat formation process can be observed through the Periscope and directly optimized.

Extensive data saving
and reproducibility

The pleating programs are easily programmable. All relevant process data, such as knife type, braking pressure, material structure, temperatures, cooling data etc. can be saved and called up again, sent to the HOST- computer / Intranet and printed.

Three basic types of pleats, also selectable in combination: K= constant pleat, M= shortened pleat M- shape, W= shortened pleat W- shape; can be changed directly during production

Materials and Processing

No material contamination

In all FALTEC machines, the movement of the knife bars is executed via parallelogram technology, all bearings are encapsulated and life-time lubricated, no contamination of the filter media.

Careful processing

For servo-controlled machines all parameters for the movements of the knives can be freely defined with the especially developed Curve Editor for the Master Curve.

Through the further optimization of the parameters due to freely adjustable Softtouch a damage of the Pleating medium is almost impossible during the pleating process.

By Presstouch the pleats can be tilted into the heating table and formed additional by that.

material verarbeitung verfahrenstechnik faltec

Process Engineering and Quality

Energy optimally used through
applied physics

The basic requirement for reproducibility is the exactness of the drive geometry and warp-free pleating knives

Patented machine heating table

Machine heating table with top and bottom cooling.

No heating of the drive geometry and the Pleating knives, manual adjustment at the heating table and pleating knives are not necessary.

Infrared radiators heat the pleat head and not the pleat packet, i.e. long material cooling stretches are not necessary.

Short heating and cooling times, heating turns off during down times.

3 heating zones with 6 individually controlled infrared beamer. Systematically heating stages possible.

Tabletops from special glass, with glass plane easy to clean or aluminum.

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