Modular concept

Complete modular system with more than 40 different options

  • Increased quality and productivity through modules optimally tuned to the product group and to each other.
  • Clear assembly of simple pleating machines, extendable to complex production systems.
  • Easy retrofitting and extension of existing pleating systems according to the current production program.

Module Unwinding System

AR V / H
Coil arrangement vertically

  • On top of each other (AR-V)
  • Coil arrangement horizontally one after the other (AR-H)
  • Working width ≤ 1600 mm
  • Feeding from one side Coil
  • diameter ≤ 600 mm
  • Coil weight: ≤ 180 kg
    (at 80 kg with swiveling counter bearing)
Module Unwinding System

Coil arrangement horizontally

  • One after the other
  • Working width ≤ 3000 mm
  • Bearing on both sides
  • Feeding from one side
  • Coil diameter ≤ 1000 mm
  • Coil weight: ≤ 300 kg
Module Unwinding System

For heavy special coils

  • Horizontal adjustment unit
  • adjustment of coiling inaccuracies
  • special unwinding systems, e.g. docking carriage.
Module Unwinding System


  • Automatic identification and reporting of end of coil
  • safety turn-off end of coil
  • electronic vertical hunting control
  • pneumatic tension shafts
  • tension shaft adjustment for different core diameters
  • driven shafts
  • pneumatic braking units
  • special construction designs.
Module Unwinding System


Modification, expansion or retrofitting of existing pleating  production systems with Slitting systems, Cross-cutting systems, Unwinding units, Filter pleat block cutting systems

Profitable investment:

Due to the modular concept investments only have to be made if the current products justify technical extensions.

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