Modular concept

Complete modular system with more than 40 different options

  • Increased quality and productivity through modules optimally tuned to the product group and to each other.
  • Clear assembly of simple pleating machines, extendable to complex production systems.
  • Easy retrofitting and extension of existing pleating systems according to the current production program.

Module Slitting Unit System EL-LSQ

Perforations- or Crush cut enables
parallel, multi-lane production

  • Knife carrier for up to 20 cutting units (for 1600 mm working width)
  • Continuous bottom Knife shaft, hardened
  • Motor drive with electronic vertical hunting control
  • Each knife individually adjustable via fast clamping
  • Position setting is executed via index pins and end measurements
Module Slitting Unit System EL-LSQ


Modification, expansion or retrofitting of existing pleating  production systems with Slitting systems, Cross-cutting systems, Unwinding units, Filter pleat block cutting systems

Profitable investment

Due to the modular concept investments only have to be made if the current products justify technical extensions.

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